Construction Project Observation & Management

ECAD Engineering has professional project engineers and on-site project representatives who act as owner representatives with extensive experience in construction management for civil engineering and SWPPP construction management certification.

ECAD has provided management and observation services for projects ranged from a few hundred dollars for parking lot improvements, to $1.4 million EPA subtitle D lined space landfill. These projects have included proposal and design preparation with SWPPP controls built-in for construction; on-site observation & documentation and inspection; project management as owner representatives with oversight for contract payment recommendation; and engineering certification, SWPPP updates and permit modifications where regulatory reporting is required as part of permit improvement or on-going developments.

Realtime Construction Observation
GPS Tagged photo app for real-time construction observation

As part of project management and observation, ECAD utilizes economical tools, including GPS enabled phones and sub-$100 tablets and open source GIS mapping to photograph, locate, tag and display project activities & locations in real time for improved project management outcomes, including reduced billable field time; reduced contingency action costs; and improved stakeholder assurance of project goals, including regulatory certification by engineer and accurate payment recommendations for owner’s project contract.

Case Study

2016 Phase 7B Landfill, Kandiyohi County Landfill, New London, Minnesota

ECAD Professionals assisted in the engineering, design, construction and certification of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill site at Kandiyohi County Landfill for Phase 7B. Work included

  • 3.4 acres of Phase 7B MSW Landfill composite clay liner with leachate containment, drainage & detection components
  • 30 gpm Leachate sump pump & head level monitoring system with 14” pump access pipe, pump access vault and panel with local & remote wireless pump controls
  • 220 linear feet of 10-inch double walled leachate transfer and discharge piping
  • 0.5 acres of Final Cover with clay barrier in the Construction and Demolition solid waste fill according to the Phase 2 Demo Fill Plan (ECAD, July 2011)
  • 5.1 acres of borrow area restoration and grading (Operations: MSW Restoration Area)
  • 3.5 acres of clay borrow area excavation and restoration (clay barrier & clay liner material, off-site at Steve Nelson property)

The following links to maps will let you observe the timeline of construction via photos with GPS tags and project tags: