Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I & II)

Phase I Site Assessment

Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments

ECAD Engineering has extensive experience doing Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), and provides expert professional services at competitive rates in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our professional engineers, scientists, and environmental technicians tailor Phase I and II ESAs to meet specific needs of clients, regulators, and banks to finance property transfers. We also have unique experiences completing Environmental Site Assessments in Europe as well. Most of our recent work has been completed on multiple acre development sites within the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) and across Minnesota. We can complete property assessments in accordance with ASTM standards, including 2013 standards* with gas vapor issues addressed, as well as lender specific requirements. The ECAD Engineering staff prides themselves on their ability to accurately and quickly complete Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments while still maintaining competitive rates.

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