Rachael Huempfner, E.I.T Project Engineer

Rachael Huempfner


B.S. Environmental Engineering, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, 2015.

Engineer-In-Training (EIT), State of Wisconsin, License No. 1512838

HAZWOPR 2016-Current

Design of Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), University of Minnesota, 2021


Former Zephyr Oil Refinery Fire Suppression Ditch Area Sediment Remediation Remedy Effectiveness P. Faessler, M. Rizzo, M. Lock, S. Goetz, R. Huempfner, S. Cornelius, M. Hannah, H. Williams, K. Isom, M. Loomis, S. Pearson

Project Engineer

St. Paul, USA

Ms. Huempfner has 5+ years of Environmental Engineering consulting experience with wastewater treatment system design and solid waste management for both public and private clients. She has assisted in permitting, design, and construction observation for landfills at all stages from new cell construction to final cover closure into post-closure maintenance. Ms. Huempfner has experience in post-closure landfill maintenance and end-use design, including options for public access to closed landfill sites.

Environmental Engineer – January 2016 to November 2020

Foth Infrastructure & Environment – Green Bay, WI

Rachael was a team member working on permitting and engineering design for projects pertaining to solid waste and wastewater specifically serving public clients. She provided services as a lead construction quality engineer for public solid waste projects including new cell development and post-closure public park construction. Rachael also completed surface water quality analysis, landfill gas monitoring/troubleshooting, and additional permit-required sampling as a field engineer. She has been a part of the environmental monitoring team for three Superfund and Area of Concern (AOC) projects in Wisconsin and Michigan.