Soil & Groundwater Investigations

Groundwater Sampling

Groundwater Sampling

ECAD Engineering has the resources and the knowledge to plan, conduct and interpret/report multiple types of Soil & Groundwater Investigations. Whether these studies are for discovery, remediation, property transfers or development, ECAD has you covered for your environmental needs. Our experience and relationships that we have developed allows ECAD to quickly and cost effectively determine testing needs and implement a course of action to evaluate and track site conditions. This includes the following:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • RECRA Metals
  • Petrofund Contaminates
  • Carcinogens

As part of Corrective Action focused on a groundwater plume at Kandiyohi County landfill, ECAD spent several years investigating borings, and analyticals tools and means to provide clarity to stakeholders. The following presentations were prepared to effectively communicate to stakeholders the outcomes:

Minnesota Groundwater Association Article

Powerpoint presentation to Minnesota Geological Society, November 2014