Nicholas Domeier, Civil Engineering Technician


Associate of Applied Science, Civil Engineering Technology, Dakota County Technical College, May 2015

2021 Erosion and Stormwater Installer Certification

MNDOT Certification for Aggregate Production

MNDOT Certification for Grading and Base 1

MNDOT Certification for Concrete Field Testing 1

HAZWOPR 2017-Current

Civil Engineering Technician

St. Paul, USA

Mr. Domeier is a well-trained employee with experience both in the field and in the office. His experiences help benefit the companies he works for. Mr. Domeier has a AAS Degree and has some certifications. Mr. Domeier is trained in Civil 3D AutoCAD.

Mr. Domeier has worked both as a surveyor and a Civil Engineering Technician. Therefore, he has both knowledge of how surveyors perform. This information is beneficial to have being in the office. Mr. Domeier also uses Civil 3D AutoCAD to create many documents, plans, and sheets.
Mr. Domeier is a Civil Engineering Technician with one and a half years of experience as a Land Surveyor, completing site surveys, grading As-Builts, house stakeouts, and much more. He also has almost 5 years of experience with the preparation of construction plans, drawings, and documents for Engineers using Civil 3D AutoCAD. Nicholas can create surface grading plans and files for on-site equipment, existing conditions, and proposed conditions. Mr. Domeier has three and a half years of experience with construction observation, gas monitoring, and water well testing. Nicholas has nearly 5 years of experience with preparing drawings including surveyed points and information.
Mr. Domeier has a working knowledge of construction methods and the preparation of construction drawings and SWPPPs using Civil 3D AutoCAD. Nicholas has prepared sheet sets for construction plans and As-Builts for completed construction projects. Mr. Domeier has completed drawings for several civil engineering projects. Nicholas has completed many different types of drawings such as the following: plans, profiles, sections, details, layouts, and much more. Mr. Domeier also has experience with road design layouts and profiles using Civil 3D Auto CAD. Mr. Domeier has experience with onsite construction observation and testing. Nicholas coordinates with contractors, survey crews, and testing labs. Some of Mr. Domeier’s field work tasks include the following: taking pictures of onsite progress of the construction project, sampling the depths of in place materials on projects, and communications with the engineer for approval of payment. Nicholas also observes and writes daily records for what activity happens on site that day in his field notebook. Mr. Domeier has created surface comparisons from two sets of data to produce cut fill reports used to prepare bid tab quantity estimates and for payment.