Eric Xanderson, P.G. Environmental Professional/Assistant Engineer


B.A. Geology, University of Minnesota, 2007

Professional Geologist (PG) in the State of Minnesota, License No. 57050

HAZWOPR 2008-Current

Stormwater Management Certification, 2015


Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Awardee, 2004, as a contributor to: Alexander, S.C., Alexander, E.C., Jr., and Pfannkuch, H., 2005, Hydrogeology of the St. Paul Campus

Environmental Professional / Assistant Engineer

Minneapolis, USA

Mr. Xanderson has 10+ years of Environmental and Engineering consulting experience with progressing responsibilities in environmental project management; site assessment; corrective action investigation; engineering and construction oversight; stormwater permit plans (SWPPP); wellhead protection plans; environmental analysis; solid waste regulatory compliance reporting; environmental data management & illustration; and field sampling for environmental & engineering testing and reporting.

Mr. Xanderson often performs complete chain-of-command duties to satisfy public and private solid waste landfill clients in stringent regulatory conditions. Along the way, he has prepared and executed environmental sampling and analysis plans for air/soil/groundwater; completed environmental assessment worksheets; prepared stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP); prepared annual and quarterly regulatory reports; performed file reviews of historical contamination; investigated solid waste engineering solutions; reduced environmental reporting costs by creating database reporting solutions; reduced surfactant bulk rapid analysis costs; performed client invoicing oversight; and assisted in business development, analysis and invoicing for a small business enterprises.In 2015, after 2+ years as an Environmental Professional, he was promoted to Assistant Engineer / Environmental Professional, to continue to manage Client solid waste permit, engineering and environmental projects, including preparation of solid waste contract proposals, contractor oversight in the field, and design review, along with continued duties as an Environmental Professional.

In 2013, after 5+ years of environmental experience, he was promoted to Environmental Professional to manage the existing environmental projects; to develop and execute proposals for Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments; and to continue to perform regulatory reporting, and prior duties as necessary.

In 2008, he was the primary investigator and preparer of the 2008 Plume Re-characterization and Borings Report for the Kandiyohi County Landfill, which was submitted as his Senior Thesis in Geology. Work included borings observation, environmental data analysis, and report preparation. Recently, he completed a 10 minute 3D Animation illustrating corrective action investigation stemming from the 2008 Plume Re-characterization report:

His unique combination of professional and technical skills allow him to provide feasible technical solutions to environmental reporting problems, such as swift creation of human-readable data tables; consistent presentation of specifications, reports, illustrations and maps; and reduction of man-hours in repetitive environmental analysis and reporting which reduces client billables.

Mr. Xanderson also managers Lorefolk which has produced environmental science animations, and administration of GEODOCR, a geospatial documentation framework.

Assistant Engineer / Environmental Professional – 11/2013 – Current

ECAD Engineering – – St. Paul, Minnesota

Primarily responsible for engineering and environmental project management and reporting for municipal solid waste landfills, construction and demolition landfills, and environmental site assessments for clients.

  • Prepare environmental and engineering reports and plans: Solid Waste Annual Reports, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, Wellhead Protection Plans, Monitoring Well Installation/Abandonment Plans, Environmental Monitoring Plans, Operations and Maintenance Plans, Contingency Action Plans, and Environmental Assessment Worksheets.
  • Provide regulatory guidance and prepare analytical quarterly reports for groundwater, landfill gas and leachate (wastewater) environmental monitoring.
  • Prepare document revisions for management and operations, alongside engineering designs, translate for permit renewal of Mixed Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Construction and Demolition (C&D) Landfill.
  • Prepared and signed Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments and cost proposals.
  • Created, managed and maintained environmental data management & database solutions for environmental data reporting.
  • Actively worked with clients on wastewater, solid waste, and stormwater permitting to achieve cost reductions in engineering and environmental consultation services.
  • Performed solid waste/hazardous waste evaluations for solid waste disposal acceptance.
  • Review and prepare client invoicing, providing multi-project oversight for business backend.
  • Prepare and execute environmental monitoring budgets and sampling plans.
  • Provided additional support for Business Development, field supervision of contractors; oversight of environmental engineering projects; landfill operations and maintenance; field technician and GIS Specialist functions as needed; and administrated business system’s information technology.

Environmental Scientist – 4/2015 – 10/2015

Ivey International Inc – – Vancouver, Canada

Provided support to President and Vice President of Operations, for surfactant enhanced remediation products and plans by providing the following:

  • Invented Test Kit for bulk rapid surfactant field analysis, which allowed for a reduction in cost per test, and a reduction in materials, replacing a test which required glass slides, cleaning and disinfectants, allowing for a much greater streamline in testing capabilities.
  • Assisted in QA/QC testing of test kit
  • Perform on-site remediation activities, including preparing remediation chemicals, sample planning and collection; and regulatory reporting
  • Prepared data collection and analytics solutions to increase client-side engineering & regulatory communications
  • Prepared new proposals for client requests for Enhanced Surfactant Remediation

Field Technician / GIS Specialist 11/2007 – 11/2013

ECAD Engineering – – St. Paul, Minnesota

Responsible for environmental and engineering support of landfill construction, corrective action investigation, regulatory reporting, data management, and environmental permit assessments.

  • Primary investigator and preparer of 2008 Plume Re-characterization and Borings Report, including boring observation and sample collection/analysis; groundwater contouring, plume quantization calculations; and report preparation.
  • Primary preparer of quarterly groundwater, landfill gas and wastewater reports, including same sections of annual reporting.
  • Prepared and executed environmental monitoring plans; cost proposals; and monitoring budgets.
  • Created environmental data management solutions to efficiently manage environmental compliance reporting.
  • Assisted in corrective action investigation of unlined landfill disposal, including headspace screening; waste sampling; and groundwater/air sample collection.
  • Assisted in corrective action investigation of groundwater plume, including groundwater sampling in borehole, using advanced rotosonic drilling and temporary well point technique to obtain 5-foot resolution of contaminant concentrations to delineate mile-long chlorinated solvent plume.
  • Observed and documented boring installation for hydrogeological reporting of a proposed construction and demolition landfill site.
  • Reviewed and prepared plans, specifications and certifications of landfill construction for Professional Engineer.
  • Performed and documented on-site contract and regulatory oversight during landfill construction for Professional Engineer.
  • Prepared stormwater pollution prevention plan for operations along with construction activities.
  • Prepared answers, figures and recommendations for landfill environmental assessment worksheet, including submitting final draft for regulatory publishing.


Mother Tongue – English


VBA, SQL, Python, HTML, Javascript, DOS

Technical Software:

GEODOCR Access, Adobe Acrobat, ArcGIS, Postgresql, AutoCAD, DraftSight, QGIS, ParaView, Blender

Prolocutor / Independent Proprietor 2010-Present
LoreFolk, LLC (

LoreFolk LLC is a platform to combine writing, illustration, data management, and analytics to assist clients in realizing fundamental gains in presentation for existing and new media, including electronic publications, 3d animations, interactive data analytics and rapid project documentation. The following are completed projects:

  • Ivey-sol® Injection and Recovery animations, which included technical data review; 3D asset and materials creation; and animating camera and assets. He worked with client to achieve effective illustration of environmental remediation solutions.
    (Environmental Science Animations)
  • The Novel by Cyer Law, which included paperback publication, electronic publication, website platform and video animation for marketing

Groundwater Plume Results
2010-2012 Groundwater Plume and Source Investigation in Capped MSW Landfill & Chlorinated Solvent Deep Vertical Profiling
ECAD Engineering presentation at Minnesota Geological Society (MGS) November 2014

See more details about technical/3d Illustrations